Antioxidant Face Wash


Apply 2-3 Squirts and cleanse thoroughly over face and neck and wash off with water. Can be applied twice daily morning and nights. Followed by Radhika Rao Toner. Shake well before use.


Distilled Water, Organic Pure Liquid soap, Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis),Camellia oil( Camellia oleifera), organic coconut oil, Lavender essential oil ( lavendula angustifolia ), Rosemery essentail oil ( Rosmarinus officinalis), Cedarwood essential oil ( Atlas cedar)



You will fall in love with this pure and all natural/ non-toxic amazing moisturizing face wash. Its precious natural oils contents cleanse deeply without drying your skin leaving it moisturized, soft and supple. It also assists in reducing Acne.


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