Your business MUST be vegan and cruelty-free. By signing up to , you agree that your entire product range is vegan, all of the time.


Sellers set up and manage their own Shops through the vendor portal . Click this link to join up or get to your Dashboard:

Customers purchase items through, with payment going directly from the Customer to Vegan Skin.  The Seller will be immediately notified via email that there is an Order to be fulfilled.  The Seller then fulfills the order by posting it out to the Customer.

Once you have fulfilled the order, you will be automatically paid through PayPal or Bank transfer or any other method listed and selected by the seller. Please ensure you have set up your business account details. If this is not done prior to orders being fulfilled your payments will be done manually and a vendor fee will be applied.


If you have any tech issues, feedback or simply want a chat, email us at


Access to the Vegan Skin platform is free and Vegan Skin charges a 8% commission on all sales.


Until your Seller profile is approved you will not be able to list products.

We also manually approve all Product listings so if you don’t see your newly created product, refer above to the don’t panic bit 🙂 

To streamline, we ‘reject’ products you have added for approval that don’t fit the criteria

A few common issues we’ve noticed:

1. Incorrect ‘Collections’ Tag

2. No product tags

3. No description

4. No ABN mentioned in vendor details

5. Poor quality or no image

6. Incorrect or missing pricing and quantity details

If you get notified that your product has been denied don’t panic! Please just go through this Guide and double-check your product meets the criteria, then modify it.

Then just flick us an email and we can double check your product for you 🙂 – NB We get hundreds of automatic notifications from the website about products, so an email from you personally is best!


Vegan Skin will pay the Seller automatically when Orders are fulfilled.  The amount paid to the Seller will be net of Paypal fees and 10% Commission for Vegan Skin. Sellers must have a Business account. 


Every SELLER listing must have the following (remember to check spelling):

  • Seller name (that’s you!)
  • Seller Shop name (that’s your brand)
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Seller Contact (your phone number)
  • Short and Long Store bio ( a little and a lot about your business)
  • ABN
  • Logo

Every PRODUCT listing must have the following (remember to check spelling):

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Quantity (inventory)
  • Note: ONLY add variants if you have different options of the same product. If you select a variant when you don’t need to, your listing in the front end will change to default title on the variant drop down i.e. confusing! 
  • Collections (please only select Collections that suit your product, refer to table below)
  • Clear image of the product (high resolution up to a maximum of 150 kb)


NOTE:  when completing your Seller Profile and Product listings, you need to add the copy first then save, then upload your images then save, then upload your banner then save. If you don’t do this and you attempt to save the copy and images at the same time all of your work will disappear :/

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are registered for GST include GST in the price total


Collections are products grouped together and are listed on the Landing Page and in the Main Menu of the website.

Tags are more specific to the Product and help customers to search. tags also help us to automatic Collections by creating rules.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only put your Products into appropriate Collections, as per the descriptions below, please do not add your Products to ALL of them


Please bear in mind that, in these uncertain times, Customers may be on a limited budget.  As such, we request that you keep your prices competitive and offer a range of items for sale, including some low-cost items, if possible.  


All Sellers can set minimum order totals. This can be done in Dashboard > Configuration > General Configuration. Please bear in mind that as customers may be purchasing from several Sellers, if your Minimum Order is high this could be a barrier for purchase


As customers may be buying several items from different Sellers, Free Shipping is essential.  Please bear this in mind when setting your prices.  For this reason, it may be more profitable to offer larger pack sizes or include a couple of items in a gift pack, for instance, to ensure that you still make a profit after paying for Shipping.


You got an order, now what? Go into your Seller Dashboard > WooCommerce >Orders > Order Listings > View > Check over order  > Bottom of the page click Accept Order or Reject Order > Confirm choice in confirmation box > When ready to fulfil > Click fulfil > Add Tracking number and Shipping Method (if needed) > Fulfil Items


Customers have an opportunity to include a note with their order. This is particularly helpful if it is a gift or if Sellers require more info. The customers notes appear in the Additional Order Details on the Order page in the vendor dashboard. Please bear in mind that as customers can shop from more than one Seller, the note may not be for you so if it doesn’t make sense to you this could be why.


Where possible, Products and Orders  should be shipped in compostable packaging, with no bubble wrap or plastic packaging (such as Australia Post satchels) and minimal sticky tape.

If this is not possible please use recyclable materials


Tracking is recommended for everyone’s peace of mind, but you can choose not to use tracking if you are happy to replace any orders that go missing.  This could be useful for low cost items. Adding a tracking number into Webkul during order fulfilment is now optional


Orders must be fulfilled within 7 business days.  Products will be shipped directly to the Customer.  Please present and pack items purchased in a professional manner, as this will reflect upon both your Shop and Vegan Skin.


Seller must either ensure product  Inventory is kept up to date at all times, or select not to track the inventory. This may mean that you will oversell and customers will be left waiting


Due to COVID19, we recommend that Sellers do not accept Returns. 

Vegan Skin and Sellers must comply with the relevant Consumer Law, and will as much as practicable consult with the Seller before agreeing to Cancellations and Refunds.

If a refund is accepted, it will be processed by Vegan Skin and will be subtracted from your earnings.


Sellers must comply with the Terms and Conditions listed in this document


Vegan Skin and Sellers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations at the time.  If laws or regulations change affecting the way Vegan Skin operates or the way that products are shipped or collected, you must comply with the law, and agree that Vegan Skin is not responsible for inconvenience or loss that arises out of those changes.